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Vertigo Racing Aussie Titles report.

A great weekend for the Vertigo Racing team.  Trevor Campbell seventh in Trial 1 and Dylan Bayles fifth in trial 2.  All Vertigo’s entered as riders or minders bikes performed faultlessly – only one flat front tyre.

The weather was terrific trials weather, cool and overcast.  The organizers – Tasmanian Motorcycle Trials Club – held a superb event.  A real rider’s event, fifteen challenging sections for all grades.   The Mt Joy site was the venue of the last Aussie Titles in Tasmania.  The sections were all dry, plenty of climbs, rock steps, logs and loose shaly rock climbs.  Some of the climbs up huge rocks really showcased the ability of our top riders such as the eventual winner Kyle Middleton who put on a master class of brilliant riding, preparation and professionalism.  The organizers did a great job setting out the sections, some of the sections had huge climbs but it was a pity some of the sections were hard to get to.  The climb up to the sections been very steep.  Once you climbed up the hill it was worth it.  Maps of where the sections were made it easy to find sections and signs pointing to sections was terrific.  Sections were mostly close together again making it easier for the spectator.  Best of all the standard of section setting was brilliant.  The spectator received a great appreciation of just how good our top riders are.

Dylan Bayles put in many brilliant rides with over half his rides been cleans or ones.  Just a bit more concentration and confidence would have seen him on the podium.  Trevor Campbell showed some brilliant rides as well especially considering this was only his second ride on the bike and only his fourth ride for the year.  Like Dylan, 38 out of the 60 sections were either clean or one.  It is very difficult when you have family and other responsibilities to maintain the level of commitment needed to be at the pointy end of the field in Trial 1.

Go to the gallery section of the Vertigo website to check out photos of the event. 



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