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About us


Experience and passion define the basis of the Vertigo brand. 

Vertigo has arisen from the strong desire to drive the evolution of Trial bikes to a new level. 

Vertigo sought the best in design, technology, innovation and research in pursuit of excellence

Equally important, the Vertigo dream is to deliver a different experience, building a community of customers and friends, where together we can share and enjoy the common passion that exists.

“Designed with World Champion Dougie Lampkin”

The VERTIGO COMBAT: Powerful, lightweight and versatile. Expertly designed for performance.

In Pursuit of Perfection. Starting from a blank canvas it has been possible to create the perfect bike. The basic principles were clear, lightweight, powerful and versatile, after that it was important to include reliability, size and its absolute Trial pedigree.

As for the size, this was a critical point, because the smaller it could be the easier it would be to control, change direction and ride in a dynamic way in order to have the ability to conquer more difficult sections. The engine performance of Combat Vertigo 300cc is truly spectacular, 31 hp at 9200 rpm combined with the impressive torque and power delivery provided throughout, allowing confidence to be high to tackle even the most demanding terrain.

The 6-speed gearbox includes 4 Trial related ratios with the top 2 gears designed specifically for the road or trails (top speed limited to 110 km / h).  All gears have 4 different and unique injection maps to provide an endless array of power options. The revolutionary chassis combines two types of materials to create a lightness and stiffness like never before providing an overall weight of just under 65 kg.  By having the fuel tank in a low central position fuel load plays no part in changing the feel or operation of the bike, and furthermore it is hidden from damage. The large capacity airbox, located at the highest part of the bike ensures a cool and clean air intake to provide consistent performance.

The suspension package is simply the best available.  Tech front forks are designed to be the best available.  The rear shock is a Reiger again the best available rear shock.  This suspension offers an incredible level of traction. The large diameter clutch diaphragm delivers a smooth and progressive action, giving the rider incredible control and instant action when the need arises.

The revolutionary fuel injection and ignition system allows the rider to tailor the power delivery to suit their riding style, the level of riding and the terrain.  The same bike can now be changed to suit an Expert rider or a Clubman rider by simply changing the mapping.  This can even be done by using a phone app when an electronic device is added to the bike.  This device is available as a spare part.

After over 4 years of research and development combined with intensive testing in World Championships, Scottish Six Day Trials etc, the Vertigo Combat is an ultra-reliable machine.  This rigorous testing regime resulted in back to back wins in the Scottish Six Day Trial by Dougie Lampkin.  Dougie also won the 2018 Scott Trial – 80 miles of motorcycle torture.

Vertigo Racing Australia is David Ryan and Hugh Harvie. They have been riding trials since the early 80’s, importing Beta trials bikes from 1989 to 2018.

Dave and Hugh are two of the leading names in the business. Their unparalleled customer support and wealth of trials experience is crucial to this new venture. Taking the dedication and passion that saw Beta trials bikes in Australia rise from importing just 6 bikes in 1989 to the record 67 in 2014. Dave and Hugh see huge potential in the revolutionary Vertigo bikes.


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