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Dougie Lampkin showing off the 2019 DL Replica
The new 2020/21 Dougie Lampkin Replica

Why choose a Vertigo?

  • Quality
  • Highly advanced design
  • Fuel injected 2T engines
  • High quality componentry – Reiger, Tech, BrakeTec
  • Reliability
  • Advanced technology – use of a simple phone app to change engine settings

Vertigo Racing imports the standard Vertical Works, the Vertical R aimed at the advanced rider and the soft smooth Dougie Lampkin Replica. Each model uses the same fuel injected engine, the same trellis frame, suspension, low mounted fuel tank and steering geometry to provide a smooth stable easy to ride machine. Engines come in 125, 200, 250 and 300cc size.


$11200 250/300CC

$11000 200/125CC

The new 2021 models have now been released.  The fuel injected motors have benefited from the latest R&D by Vertigo’s engineers in conjunction with testing by Dougie Lampkin, Jamie Busto and the rest of the factory riding squad.  Engine development includes a new cylinder head with redesigned combustion chamber shape, redesigned throttle body to provide more progressive and precise throttle response and new wet and dry mappings which offer even better traction and power delivery.

Other improvements are exhaust pipe now in stainless steel, map switch now located on the air filter box and new induction tube for a better seal.

Features of 2021 Works

Quality cycle parts abound on the 2021 bikes

Reiger two way rear shock with separate rebound and compression adjustment.

Adjustable Tech aluminium front forks.

Braketec monoblock front brake callipers.

Lightweight billet machined front triple clamps in black anodized finish.

Lightweight billet machined front and rear wheel hubs in green anodized finish.

CrMo steel trellis frame with light alloy front downtubes and rear subframe.

Lanyard kill switch.

Fuel injected 2T engines.

By using a WIFI com device and a simple phone app, you have the ability to alter ignition and fuel injection mapping at different rpm values and throttle openings.

The new Vertical Works bikes continue Vertigo’s enviable reputation for impressive performance and outstanding reliability.  Vertigo’s usual attention to detail is seen throughout the new Works bike.  Green anodized parts abound on the bike. These bikes are due here by Xmas 2020 and can be ordered now.




The new DL Replica, available in 250cc & 300cc Versions, is an evolution of last years hugely successful model. It has been created thanks to Dougie’s vast wealth of knowledge & experience gained whilst winning his 12 World Titles. In addition to which we can add his 4 straight victories of the SSDT & recent back to back victories of the Scott Trial, always aboard a Vertigo. All of this unrivalled experience & expertise has been channelled directly into the designing and building of this new DL Replica.

Dougie has spent endless hours working very closely together with our team of Engineers at the Vertigo Factory. Intensively testing and refining the bike during the past months. This has enabled us to build the most responsive, agile, smooth and refined Vertigo to date. The bike is a true replica in the sense that all of Dougie’s own personal preferences in frame & suspension geometry, power delivery & map settings have been incorporated into this new model. As well as all of these personal settings the bike is loaded with a wealth of high-end racing components.


* New airbox and Twin Air filter: Redesigned air box increases engine performance.
* New Tech Racing Forks: Give maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider.
* New Reiger 3 Way Rear Shock: Provides even smoother & more controlled suspension travel, as well as improved traction & stability in all conditions. Adjustment for rebound, high speed compression and low speed compression damping.
* DL Racing Throttle Body: Provides the rider with an extremely smooth & precise throttle response, throughout the rev range.
* Dougie’s Personal Engine Mapping: Providing a super smooth power delivery for maximum traction in all conditions.
* Carbon fibre engine casing protectors for flywheel cover and clutch cover.
* New Flywheel Weight Kit 366g: Allows the power delivery of the bike to be even smoother & more controlled, helping to optimise drive and traction in all conditions.
* Intercooler in red anodized finish: Helps to keep the engine running at its optimum temperature.
* New 2020/21 spec engine maps: Combined with other engine upgrades provide an extra 4 hp and 10% more torque.
* Lanyard Type kill Switch: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature.
* Ultra Light, Billet Machined, Triple Clamps: In anodised black finish.
* Vertigo design footpegs: In anodised black with non-slip steel pins.
* Vertigo billet machined wheel hubs: In anodised black combined with Factory spec machined rear wheel rim in anodised red finish.
* Vertigo Brake & Clutch Master Cylinder Covers: In anodised red.
* Renthal handle bars & grips.
* S3 Red Anodised Clutch & Brake Adjusters: Allow instant fine tuning of your controls.
* Dougie Lampkin Limited Edition-Engraved Metal Plate.

VERTIGO Vertical R3



If you demand the ultimate in quality, advanced technology and performance, then the new Vertical R3 is for you.  Vertigo uses the highest quality componentry in their modern fuel injected engines giving you the ability to use a simple phone app to completely alter the engines power characteristics.  This model incorporates many features taken directly from their World Championship race team.

Incorporating many changes from the R2 model, the new Vertical R3 looks sensational in its all new white plastics and matching graphics. Vertigo have gone all out to make the new R3 a significant update from the old R2 model.

New features of the Vertical R3

Key new features

NEW AIRBOX – increased volume with new apertures on top of airbox.  Provides increased performance throughout the rev range but especially at low revs.

NEW BILLET MACHINED TRIPLE CLAMPS – Busto spec lighter with a new steering head angle to improve stability.

NEW ENGINE MAPPING – developed to work in conjunction with the new airbox to maximise performance.

NEW CLUTCH CONFIGURATION – new spring, pre load and dimensions of clutch pack in order to eliminate clutch drag and provide smoother performance.

NEW FOOTREST BRACKETS – 5mm lower with a 5 degree forward inclination offering improved rider stability and bike manoeuvrability.

NEW VITON CRANKSHAFT SEALS – lower friction and greater durability.

NEW R3 SPECIFIC EXHAUST – greater performance.


366gm flywheel weight.

Carbon fibre clutch and magneto covers.

Racing throttle body.

Intercooler in anodized red.

Renthal gunmetal bars with Renthal grips.

Machined clutch and front brake lever adjusters and mastercylinder covers in anodized red.

Billet machined Vertigo labelled footpegs.

FIM rear disc.

Billet machined wheel hubs with Vertigo label in anodized red.

Tech Racing aluminium front forks.

Reiger 3 way adjustable rear shock – separate adjustment for rebound, high speed compression and low speed compression damping.

Total weight 68kg.

The Vertical R3 is available in 300, 280, 250 and 125cc engine capacities.  Delivery is expected in May.  Prices are $11990 300cc and 250cc. The 125cc version is priced at $11700. The 280cc bikes are only available to order.

Vertigo Mini Vandal

Vertigo Motors announce the 2020 MiniVandal with 16″ wheel sizes. These kids bikes have been developed for maximum fun and maximum safety. They are the only petrol engined kids bike of its size on the market. Safety for the rider has been Vertigos number 1 priority. These bikes are fitted with exhaust guard, side frame guards, fully enclosed front and rear disc brakes and a magnetic lanyard kill switch.

The bikes weigh in at only 21 kgs making them easy for kids to handle. New for 2020 is a new air filter system to keep dirt, dust and water out of the air box. A larger capacity fuel tank for greater range. The MiniVandals are also fitted with authentic trials tyres developed exclusively for Vertigo. The bikes are fitted with a 50cc 2T engine, centrifugal clutch and 16″ wheels front and rear.

16″ $3800 20″ $4200

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